About Me

I guess I should provide some sort of introduction.

My name is Robert Bose. I grew up on a farm in southern Alberta spending every free moment reading Tolkien, Heinlein, Fritz Leiber, Asimov, and whatever else I could get my grubby paws on. My genre spanning fiction has been published in a variety of anthologies and my first short story collection, Fishing with the Devil, is now out from Coffin Hop Press. I’m currently word bashing a supernatural mystery novel while ultra-running, annoying my wife, raising three troublesome children, and working as the Director of Innovation for a small Calgary software company.

I used to think I was so old that all of my greatest days were behind me, but I realize now that every day can be great and you should never stop exploring. Sometimes I reflect about my experiences and think ‘wow’ I have had a pretty fantastic life. I can usually sense the inaudible groans when I start telling stories, but being a storyteller is part of who I am. Hopefully I can capture some of that here before it fades away.

Robert Bose Head Shot

Photo by Todd Kuipers

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